Community Asthma Prevention Program (CAPP)

The Community Asthma Prevention Program (CAPP) offers free asthma education classes in familiar environments, such as schools, churches, daycare centers and community centers throughout the city. Classes are structured so both caregivers and children with asthma can learn simultaneously.

Repairing a Home, Improving a Child's Health: CAPP+

Our Team

Classes for caregivers and their children are group-facilitated and led by parent educators who have been trained by CAPP staff to conduct classes.

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Repairing a Home, Improving a Child's Health

Mildew or mold can make a child’s asthma worse. Learn about CAPP+, a program that provides free home repairs to improve children's asthma.

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CHOP Expands CAPP in Partnership with PHDC

The new CAPP+ Home Repairs Program will address the impact of unhealthy housing on pediatric asthma outcomes in West Philadelphia neighborhoods.

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CHOP Wins EPA Asthma Management Award

The Community Asthma Prevention Program receives the EPA’s National Environmental Leadership Award for Communities in Action in Asthma Management.