About the Department of Audiology

The Department of Audiology, part of the Center for Childhood Communication, provides comprehensive diagnostic and rehabilitative hearing services for children from birth to 21 years of age. Our team of specialized professionals ensures the best care for your child and provides you with the resources needed to make informed decisions.

Our services



  • Cochlear implant candidacy, programming, and management
  • Hearing aid evaluation, fitting and management (including bone conduction hearing device candidacy)
  • Services related to remote microphone and other assistive technology

Family Wellness

Our staff

Each member of our staff holds a Master's or a Doctor of Audiology degree with national certification and state licensure. We practice family-centered care, educating and empowering you to make informed decisions about hearing evaluation procedures, amplification options, financial assistance, language stimulation and educational programs.

Resources for families

To supplement your learning, we offer you an assortment of educational resources, including written materials, online information and family workshops on a variety of topics. You can find resources about communication and hearing loss in each of our offices and in our resource section.

Education programs for healthcare professionals

Working with the Department of Continuing Medical Education, we host annual conferences to train and educate professionals about pediatric audiology. Healthcare professionals can visit the CME site for information about current continuing education events.