CHOP Nursing Alumni Association

The CHOP Nursing Alumni Association (CNAA) is comprised of CHOP nurses committed to excellence in pediatric nursing. We value the collegiality, commitment to exemplary patient care, and the patient/family connections that CHOP nurses bring to the profession. We want to engage member participation in the sharing of experiences, volunteerism and philanthropy among current and future CHOP nursing alumni.

The CNAA was launched in 2015 under the leadership of Paula Agosto, chief nursing officer, and a committed group of nursing alumni. Two themes emerged during the initial development of the CNAA.

The first centered on the common bonds of nurses at CHOP: Why we became nurses, defining moments as a CHOP nurse, caring for patients at the bedside, and why we chose to work at CHOP.

The second was related to mentoring and coaching: sharing of career histories as a means of generational support, sharing experiences of “living the unit” day to day, and learning from the career experiences of alumni. The CNAA plans to support these themes through its activities.

CNAA’s goals

  • Recognize the talents of the CHOP nursing alumni.
  • Provide a social forum for sharing experiences among the group and networking.
  • Develop a mentorship and coaching program between alumni and nurses at any point in their careers.
  • Provide opportunities for active participation in focus groups, panel discussions and guest lectures.
  • Facilitate volunteer opportunities for the committee members.

Why join the CNAA?

  • Network with fellow CHOP nursing alumni and current CHOP nursing Staff.
  • Extend your professional generosity by sharing your expertise and knowledge through mentoring opportunities.
  • Volunteer in opportunities that will allow you to keep making a difference in your nursing career alive and well.
  • Mentor within your age group or among various age groups to support fellow nurses as they navigate work/life balance and incorporate career into an ever-changing life at home.

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