Tools to Manage Diabetes

Children with diabetes must work to keep their diabetes in check every day. These resources will help your child and family manage blood sugar testing, highs and lows, insulin, nutrition, and more.

as we go through daily life, it feels manageable. it's incredible to learn about the tools and technology that make living with diabetes easier.

Blood Sugar Testing

Blood Glucose Meter Manufacturers
Find a list of blood glucose meter manufacturers for convenient access for patients with diabetes.

Lancets and Lancing Devices
Find a list of lancet devices and accessories for easy access for patients with diabetes.

Low Blood Sugar Supplies
A list of supplies that can be used to treat a low blood sugar in children, including glucose tablets, glucose liquids/gels/powders and candy

High Blood Sugars

Quick View Ketone Rules: Check, Inject, Drink
Keep this ketone rules timeline easily accessible to help you stay on track with managing your ketones anytime you see purple pop up on the urine stick. Print it out, hang it on your fridge, or save the image on your phone!

Blood Ketone Meter Manufacturers
Find information about Precision Xtra®, which tests for both blood glucose and blood ketones, and learn about the advantages of checking for blood ketones.


Insulin Manufacturers
The Diabetes Center compiled a list of insulin and insulin manufacturers for easy access to patients with diabetes.

Insulin Pump Accessories
Find creative diabetes accessories for kids and adults, anything from pump cases to insulin cooling cases.

Insulin Pump Manufacturers and Software
Find a list of insulin pump manufacturers compiled by the Diabetes Center at CHOP.

Syringes, Pens and Injection Products
The Diabetes Center at CHOP has compiled a list of syringes, pens and injection products for easy access to patients with diabetes.

Omnipod Caregiver Guide
This guide will help school nurses and other caregivers understand how the Omnipod insulin pump works in a child with diabetes.

Animas Successful Pumping in School
This presentation for school nurses and caregivers describes insulin pump therapy and other information about caring for a child with diabetes.

Preventing Complications

Diabetes Eye Exam
Our Healthy Eyes, Healthy Vision e-learning module will answer common questions teens with diabetes have about vision screening.


Diet and Diabetes
Learn about the importance of meal planning for children with diabetes, and how carbohydrates, sugars, proteins and fats affect your child's blood sugar levels.

Carbohydrate Counting and Diabetes Basal/Bolus Regimen [PDF]
This presentation will teach you about counting carbohydrates, reading food labels, and managing snacks and meal plans for children with diabetes.

Count Carbs Because Carbs Count [PDF]
This module will help you count the carbs for small, medium and large portions of foods you eat often, and equate carb count to varying units of insulin.

Holiday Meals and Combination Bolusing with Your Insulin Pump
Learn about combination bolusing using an insulin pump and how it might be helpful when eating high-fat meals, buffet meals and holiday meals.

Nutrition and Diabetes [VIDEO]
Watch registered dietitians from the Diabetes Center as they make their way around the supermarket, giving tips on making healthy food choices for teens and families with diabetes.

Find and rate low calorie, healthy recipes at SparkRecipes. Use the free recipe calculator to find the calories, carbs, fat and protein in your recipes.

SugarStats gives you a simple and easy-to-use interface to input and access your data from home, school, work, when you're on the road or just about anywhere at all.


Diabetes and Sports
This diabetes e-learning module is for young athletes who want to perform at their peak. Learn about keeping your blood sugar in the best range to maximize your peak performance.

Tools and Equipment

Diabetes Apps
Find diabetes apps for your phone to help you with carb counting, keeping track of your blood sugar, calories intake and more.

Diabetes Forecast Consumer Guide
Learn about devices and products for diabetes management, see the trends, preview exciting new products that are still in development, and compare tools and devices on the market today.

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Companies for Diabetes Supplies
These Durable Medical Equipment (DME) companies that offer diabetes supplies. Call and find if they have a contract with your insurance company.

Medical Alert Identification
These retailers offer medical ID bracelets, medical alert jewelry, and more products that will keep your child with diabetes safe.

Find more helpful tools, supplies and equipment/accessories you may need to effectively manage your diabetes.

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Tools to Manage Diabetes

These resources will help your child and family manage blood sugar testing, highs and lows, insulin, nutrition, and more.

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Life With Diabetes

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