Our Research on Endocrine Late Effects of Cancer Therapy

Our research program seeks to improve the health and well-being of individuals who were diagnosed with and have undergone cancer therapy. Our multi-disciplinary investigative team collaborates with investigators across the spectrum of basic, translational and clinical research.

Generating insights to optimize clinical care

We are first and foremost committed to rigorous examination of the clinical care we provide, and how we can make the care delivered even better. To do this, we have implemented systematic collection of our clinical care practices and patient outcomes. We envision that this rich resource will allow us to innovate regarding best practices in the endocrine care of individuals who have received cancer therapy.

Physiology studies & clinical trials

We use advanced research tools to investigate the biological mechanisms that underlie the endocrine effects of cancer therapy in children, adolescents, and young adults. Using these important insights, along with the unique infrastructure for clinical research, we will test targeted interventions in clinical trials to improve survivor health.

Educating clinicians & families

Finally, our faculty mentor trainees from multiple disciplines learn about the unique endocrine disorders encountered in individuals who have received cancer therapy. We also participate in patient and family educational sessions and conferences.