Digital Learning Library

Below you’ll find examples of some of our digital education tools, including videos and learning modules to help you care for your child at home.

Mom and daughter looking at mobile tablet If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s health, please contact your child’s healthcare provider. The following materials are intended only to provide general educational information. You should not rely on this information as medical advice or treatment. Do not attempt anything you may see in these materials without first consulting with your healthcare provider. If a CHOP provider did not expressly instruct you to view these materials, please do not use this information without first discussing with your own healthcare provider. These materials are not intended to create a doctor-patient relationship between you and CHOP.

CHOP is not responsible for any outcomes you or your child might experience from your use of these materials. These materials are provided “AS IS,” and CHOP makes no warranties or representations about these materials. The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy on apply to all uses of and access to these materials. This material is copyright of CHOP. All rights reserved.

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Family Learning Center

The Family Learning Center provides a private, quiet environment where parents and caregivers can learn skills needed to care for their child’s healthcare needs at home. 

Nurse and family engaged in tele-education session


Tele-education is one way we can teach CHOP patients and families how to safely give injections from the comfort of their own homes.