Tele-education is one way we can teach CHOP patients and families how to safely give injections from the comfort of their own homes. You and a nurse educator will connect via private video conferencing. All you need is your medicine and a smartphone or tablet with an internet connection.

How it works

Tele-education takes place from our Family Learning Center. The nurse educator watches you, while you are at home, on a big screen television. This gives them a clear picture of you and your child.

Nurse and family engaged in tele-education session You will get the same great care in a tele-education class as in a face-to-face class. The nurse educator will teach you about the medicine and how to give it to your child. They will answer all of your questions. They will then watch and support you while you give the injection to your child. This type of learning is just as safe as a face-to-face class — if they see that you are about to make a mistake, they will stop you.

Advantages of tele-education

  1. Start giving your child their injections sooner
  2. Avoid traffic getting to CHOP
  3.  Avoid tolls and parking fees
  4. Get the same great CHOP care from your home

“It was so easy! My mom was right next to me and I didn’t have to skip soccer practice to go to CHOP.”– Seth, 12

Next Steps
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Family Learning Center

The Family Learning Center provides a private, quiet environment where parents and caregivers can learn skills needed to care for their child’s healthcare needs at home. 

Mom and daughter looking at mobile tablet

Digital Learning Library

Find examples of some of our digital education tools, including videos and learning modules to help you care for your child at home.