General Anesthesiology

If your child needs anesthesia, you can trust the experts in CHOP’s Division of General Anesthesiology to keep your child comfortable and safe before, during and after any procedure. We are experts in caring for children undergoing everything from routine procedures and tests to the most complex surgeries.

Anesthesia team placing IV with Child Life staff At The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, we know children are not just small adults — and that children and infants have different needs than adults when it comes to anesthesia. That’s why our 56 anesthesiologists, 23 certified registered nurse anesthetists, 25 preoperative and pain management nurse practitioners, and 20 anesthesia technicians have special training in pediatrics.

The same board certified and subspecialty board certified pediatric anesthesiologists that treat children at our Main Campus in Philadelphia also care for children undergoing procedures at our Specialty Care and Ambulatory Surgery locations. Throughout the network, our team oversees more than 33,000 patient procedures each year.

Our team recognizes the profound trust your family places in us to care for your child, which is why we have:

  • The technical skills to care for small patients, including intravenous catheter placement and airway management
  • The ability to relieve pain and anxiety in patients who can’t express how they’re feeling
  • Special knowledge of the effects and dosages of medications for patients of different ages and sizes
  • An understanding of the full range of pediatric diseases and conditions
  • A commitment to providing the highest quality care to patients and their families

Personalized care and support

We know medical care can be scary for both children and parents. One of our primary goals is to prevent pain and anxiety during surgery and other procedures and tests. We accomplish this goal through the use of medications and other methods of distraction and reassurance.

Anesthesia team in OR with infant Your child may receive anesthestic medications through an intravenous (IV) line, inhaled gas, or some combination of the two. We are experts at knowing the correct dose of medication required to accomplish the desired effect. Using less medication allows your child to spend less time recovering from anesthesia and reduces the chance of side effects.

Our anesthesiologists work closely with many other specialists throughout the Hospital to determine the best treatment plan for your child. We’re here to help you find the resources and support that will keep your child safe and comfortable while undergoing surgery or other procedures.

Our team is also here to help answer questions and ease your fears about anesthesia. You can learn more about anesthesia and what to expect by asking any member of our team, or from the About Anesthesia page of CHOP’s Guide to Your Child’s Surgery.

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