About the Global Health Center

While the early childhood years can be full of growth and wonder, they can also be some of the most dangerous: in 2015 an estimated 5.9 million children died before their fifth birthday because they contracted preventable and treatable illnesses like diarrhea, pneumonia and malaria. Over half of these diseases were exacerbated by poor nutrition in the developing world. Staff of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and our partners work each day to help prevent and treat these illnesses.

The Global Health Center serves to promote children’s health across the globe. It includes long-term pediatric programs in the Dominican Republic and Botswana which aim to improve the health of children and families as well as build capacity among local healthcare providers through CHOP’s four pillars: clinical care, teaching, research, and advocacy.



There are opportunities for CHOP clinicians and other staff to get involved in other countries and right here in the U.S. Pediatric trainees at CHOP, including pediatric residents and fellows, are encouraged to explore a wide variety of global health fellowships and other activities during their training years at CHOP.

Irène Said Yes to Pediatrics

Irène Said Yes to Pediatrics

Irène Mathieu, MD, a resident in General Pediatrics and Global Health at CHOP, describes what led her to a residency in pediatrics.

Smiling boy

Impact of Global Health Center

Each year over 5 million children worldwide die before their fifth birthday due to preventable and treatable illnesses. CHOP's Global Health Center is changing this.

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