About the Global Medicine

The Global Medicine team is committed to extending the reach of CHOP to children around the world. We do this through four main programs.

Global Patient Services

The goal of Global Patient Services at CHOP is twofold: to provide children the world over with access to the most skilled specialists in pediatric medicine, and to make a family’s experience with our Hospital as easy, comfortable and supportive as possible.

Today, when a family seeks the best medical care for their child, they may look beyond their home country. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has welcomed hundreds of international patients for care in nearly every pediatric specialty.

From interpreters to suggestions for places to shop and worship, we have so many ways to help you feel more at home. And you will be active participants in your child’s care – because you are the most important people in your child’s life.

Global Health Center

The Global Health Center is the humanitarian arm of Global Medicine, providing clinical services for children and ongoing education for healthcare providers in communities in Latin America and southern Africa where resources are scarce.

Every year an estimated 6.9 million children die before their fifth birthday because they contract preventable and treatable illnesses like diarrhea, pneumonia and malaria. Over half of these diseases are exacerbated by poor nutrition in the developing world. CHOP staff work to change this every day. Learn about our programs in Dominican Republic and Africa, with additional opportunities for clinicians and other staff to get involved here in the U.S.

Global Pediatric Education

A core mission of Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is to advance healthcare for children around the world. One way we accomplish this is through medical education. As a global leader in pediatric healthcare, our educational efforts extend beyond the walls of our hospital, providing medical education opportunities to colleagues throughout the world.

Our educational programs are aimed at individual and group learning, and they are tailored to the learners' objectives. Training can take place in Philadelphia on CHOP's campus, or at international sites around the globe. Subject matter spans the breadth of children's health, including general pediatrics, all pediatric subspecialties, pediatric surgery, radiology, anesthesia and critical care, child and adolescent psychiatry, and pathology.

Global Collaborations

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has developed a global network of collaborations with organizations that share CHOP’s mission to advance excellence in pediatric medical education, clinical service delivery and research. We seek to explore new and innovative approaches with pediatric leaders to build a healthier future for children around the world.