We have a robust clinical mentorship program for each fellow. Fellows are assigned dedicated mentors in both hematology and oncology clinics. These faculty members see patients with the fellows weekly during the first year and then transition in the fall of the second year to every other week through the remainder of fellowship. Fellows are the primary physician for their patients, but the mentoring structure allows the fellows to have one faculty member (Hematology, Hematologic Malignancy, Solid Tumor, Neuro-Oncology) responsible for each of their patients throughout training. They know each patient and family well and serve at times as the behind-the-scenes helper to allow the fellows to cement longitudinal relationships with their patients/families. The clinical mentors are available at any time if questions arise about the fellow’s primary patients and help to see them when the fellow is on vacation or transitions to an every-other-week schedule during the upper years of fellowship. Over time, the clinical mentors give the fellows increasing autonomy to allow them independence in managing their outpatient clinical panels. Additionally, faculty serve as informal and/or life mentors to our fellows.

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Alexandra Welch, Hematology/Oncology Fellowship Program Coordinator