Homeless Health Initiative Fun Friday Art Volunteer


People’s Emergency Center (PEC) Gloria’s Place, 3902 Spring Garden Street


The Homeless Health Initiative (HHI) is a volunteer health outreach program that provides free healthcare and health-related services to families living in local emergency housing shelters. Dedicated volunteers from HHI offer free, high-quality medical and dental care, health education, and other services to shelter residents in the Philadelphia area.

Fun Friday Art is a therapeutic weekly art program where mothers in shelters find joy, healing, creativity, skills, empowerment and entrepreneurship through classes in art, crafts, jewelry, knitting and, in the future, sewing.  Please let us know if you have a specific talent you would like to share, but no experience is necessary. 

In this role, HHI volunteers are expected to assist Fun Friday Art group leaders to facilitate programming activities by:

  • Gathering necessary supplies for projects 
  • Assisting with cleanup 
  • Helping participants complete projects when necessary
  • Planning and implementing field trips
  • Attending art shows and assisting mothers in selling their artwork, if available
  • Attending art advisory council meetings to brainstorm activities, if available

Special requirements

  • All volunteers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with their desired site in advance of applying. This ensures they are comfortable with the geographic location and distance, public transportation and/or parking availability, and accessibility of the location before selecting their desired choice.
  • All volunteers will need to complete an hourlong HHI orientation prior to their first shift.

Available shifts

People’s Emergency Center (PEC) Gloria’s Place

Fridays, 10 a.m. – noon

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