Homeless Health Initiative Health Education Workshop Volunteer


HomeFront, 1 Celia Way (Ewing, NJ)


The Homeless Health Initiative (HHI) is a volunteer health outreach program that provides free healthcare and health-related services to families living in local emergency housing shelters. Dedicated volunteers from HHI offer free, high-quality medical and dental care, health education, and other services to shelter residents in the Philadelphia area.

Taking Charge of Your Child’s Health is a weekly, hourlong discussion workshop in which parents/caregivers can talk with pediatric healthcare providers about various common health topics, including acute illnesses, when to go to the ER, vaccinations, child development, infant care, dermatology, teen health, behavior health, mental health, safety, etc. The goals of these conversations are to empower parents/caregivers with knowledge and assist them in navigating common health problems. Speakers are supported by the CHOP Medical Advisor, who orients and introduces the volunteer and helps moderate the discussion.

In this role, HHI volunteers are expected to assist Child Health group leaders to facilitate programming activities by:

  • Working with the CHOP Medical Advisor to determine learning objectives related to the selected topic
  • Helping generate discussion
  • Answering caregivers’ questions

Volunteer requirements

Prior to your first volunteer shift, all volunteers need to:

  • Submit a copy of their report of criminal history from the PA State Police
  • Submit a copy of their child abuse clearance from the Department of Human Services
  • Submit a copy of immunization records
  • Complete a one-hour HHI orientation and training

Prospective volunteers can email Melissa Johnson at BERRIOSM@email.chop.edu for instructions on how to submit your clearances and immunization records and to schedule your training.

All volunteers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with their desired site in advance of applying. This ensures you are comfortable with the geographic location and distance, public transportation and/or parking availability, and accessibility of the location before selecting their desired choice.

Available shifts


Thursdays, 1 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

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