Preparing for Your Child’s IMGC Appointment

Making appointments with the IMGC

Once your referring clinician has recommended a Roberts Individualized Medical Genetics Center (IMGC) consultation, there are two scheduling options based on your preferences and subject to insurance approval.

  • Same-day: Genetic counselors and/or clinicians are available for consultations on the same day you receive your referral.
  • Scheduled visit: You can set up an appointment with an IMGC genetic counselor for a later date.

What to expect during your initial IMGC consultation

You are likely to meet with an IMGC genetic counselor to learn more about the genetic testing recommended by your referring clinician.

If you decide to proceed with the recommended genetic test, the following will be completed either at the initial consultation or during a future appointment:

  • Medical history review: The genetic counselor/physician will ask questions about your or your child’s medical, developmental and family history. This information will help laboratory personnel better interpret your specific test results.
  • Photographic imaging: Photographs will be taken to document any unique features that may aid in the interpretation of your test results.
  • Test consent: Some genetic tests require signatures from patients/family members to verify that they understand the benefits and limitations of a specific genetic test. The IMGC genetic counselors and/or physicians will review these test-specific details with you.
  • Blood draw: Most genetic tests require DNA from blood. Your child or your family members will be sent to a CHOP outpatient lab for a blood draw. One tube of blood is often enough.

Insurance coverage

Insurance coverage for genetic testing and counseling varies widely. The IMGC works with financial counselors who are committed to helping you navigate the often-complicated insurance process.

  • Consultation: Some insurance policies require referrals or other documentation prior to a consultation, which is considered a specialist visit. The IMGC financial counselors can help coordinate appropriate documentation.
  • Genetic testing: An IMGC financial counselor will call your insurance company directly to determine if your policy covers genetic testing and what costs you may incur.
  • Insurance questions: If you have questions at any time about authorizations or billing, you can reach our financial counselors directly at 215-590-4246.