Dog Bite Prevention

Victims of severe dog-bite injuries are almost exclusively less than 10 years old. Dogs bite almost 5 million people each year in the U.S. The face is the most frequent target.

Safety around dogs

  • Kids less than 6 years of age are at a higher risk for injuries because of their size
  • Never leave a baby or small child alone with a dog

Teach your child these rules

  • Never disturb a dog if it’s eating, sleeping or caring for puppies
  • Never tease a dog
  • Always ask a dog’s owner if it is OK to pet the dog
  • Don’t run past a dog

Teach your child what to do if a dog scares her

  • Don’t run away. Remain calm.
  • Act like a tree: stand still, feet together, fists under your chin and elbows into the chest.
  • If you are knocked down, act like a log: lie still, face down, legs together, with your hands over your head and neck.

Download our Dog Bite Safety brochure

Our Dog Bite Safety brochure is available for download in multiple languages