Television Tipover

In one year, 3,000 children were injured by falling televisions. 

Injuries and deaths occur when children climb on, or pull themselves up on, items such as television stands, bookcases, dressers and shelves.

Tips to help keep your child safe

Following are tips to help keep your child safe and to avoid TV-tipover injuries:

  • Keep your TV on low furniture and as far back as possible.
  • Be sure the piece of furniture you put the TV on is big enough to hold it.
  • Make sure furniture is stable on its own, and take extra precautions: use anchors, angle braces or straps to anchor furniture to the floor or secure it to the wall.
  • If you have a flat-screen TV, make sure it is attached securely to the wall.
  • Never allow children to climb or lie on furniture.
  • Do not place toys or other items your child may reach for on top of the TV or furniture.

Download our Television Tipover safety brochure

Our Television Tipover safety brochure is available for download in multiple languages: