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Integrative Health and Nutrition

Amanda Bennett, MD, MPH, developmental pediatrician and clinical chair of the Autism Integrated Care Program at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, talks about why families look to integrative medicine for treatment of autism, and dives into the safety and efficacy of some common integrative approaches, such as gluten-free diets, equine therapy, vitamin supplements, music therapy, social skills training, melatonin, CBD and more

Acupuncture in Pediatrics

More and more pediatric healthcare systems are incorporating acupuncture for pain management and other purposes. Dr. Winona Chua, attending physician, Division of General Pediatrics, and Douglas McDaniel, licensed acupuncturist, Cancer Center, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, discuss: a review of what acupuncture is, its history, and theories about why it is effective for some patients; why research in acupuncture in pediatrics has been limited; licensing for acupuncturists; how CHOP is using acupuncture; conditions for which acupuncture may be indicated and how a primary care physician can refer; how to explain acupuncture to children, who may fear needles; insurance coverage for acupuncture; and more.

Listen now: Acupuncture in Pediatrics: A Review.

Culinary Medicine

Maria R. Mascarenhas, MBBS, Director of Integrative Health, and Tracey F. Jubelirer, MD, Integrative Oncology Medical Director, talk about what culinary medicine is and how it is different than nutrition; how it can be used to provide evidence-based nutrition guidance, translating research into practical advice for patients; how to use food and nutrition as part of a patient’s healthcare goals; how culinary medicine is being deployed at CHOP; practical tips for pediatricians to use in their practice, and more.

Integrative Health and Nutrition

In this podcast, Maria R. Mascarenhas, MBBS, a pediatric gastroenterologist and nutrition specialist from CHOP, is interviewed for "Ask a Pediatrician," a podcast that covers topics on parents' minds such as nutrition, stress management, sleep, living with chronic health issues and more. Dr. Mascarenhas discussed the importance of both integrative health and nutrition in the care of all pediatric patients.

The Anti-inflammatory Diet

In this podcast, Maria Mascarenhas, MBBS, explores the origins, health benefits, and uses of the anti-inflammatory diet. She discusses the data-based origins of the diet; foods to focus on, including a sample menu for kids; and how the diet can help improve outcomes and health, especially for patients with chronic conditions attributed to inflammation.

Integrative Medicine

In this podcast, Maria Mascarenhas, MBBS, defines a modern approach to integrative health and how it can play a complementary role in primary care. She discusses the three categories of integrative health as designated by the NIH, how primary care providers can stay up-to-date on new integrative therapies, as well as current services being offered at CHOP, including acupuncture, massage, yoga, and integrative nutrition, among others