New Jersey Transition to Adult Coordinated Care Program

Moving to adult care

Teens and young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities face unique challenges as they transition to adult services and medical care. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) created The New Jersey Transition to Adult Coordinated Care program (NJTACC), an interdisciplinary specialty care team, to help families and patients through a comprehensive approach achieve a successful transition into adulthood.

Please note this is a specialty program and is not intended to replace primary care.

Our patient intake form can be completed and returned prior to scheduling an appointment.

Families and medical providers can call 215-590-1295 or email for additional information or to schedule an appointment.


Care coordination:

  • Comprehensive review of medical history to identify current and anticipated medical needs
  • Individualized transfer of care plan to include identification of local primary care and specialty providers, physician to physician discussion of medical history and preparation of medical summary prior to transfer of care
  • Continued involvement after transfer of care, as needed

Home and Community planning:

  • Comprehensive individual needs assessment
  • Assistance with obtaining supports and services provided through state-funded programs (ie. direct supports, employment, day programs)
  • Guidance on options for legal capacity, finances, residential placement, transportation

Occupational therapy evaluation and rehabilitative therapy: providing interventions to help achieve the greatest level of independence including but not limited to activities of daily living, adaptive seating and equipment, sensory processing and vocational skills.

Psychiatry telemedicine: Physician facilitated behavioral health visit to address mental health concerns and ultimately achieve better quality of life.

Program Support

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