Office of Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Since we first opened our doors in 1855, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has pioneered numerous discoveries that continue to benefit children worldwide. In 2015, CHOP strengthened its commitment to innovation development by creating the Office of Entrepreneurship & Innovation (OEI) to help bring the next generation of breakthroughs into the world.

Our Mission & Vision

The Office of Entrepreneurship & Innovation strives to utilize business process, product development, and project management expertise to identify and support the development and commercialization of CHOP research and innovation to advance healthcare for children and families across the world.

Our Program

OEI is the first stop for CHOP employees’ new ideas and innovative projects.

Our office encourages the entire CHOP community to engage with us to evaluate research and ideas for commercial potential. Ideas can take on many forms, including novel medical devices, digital health, and breakthrough therapeutics. OEI leverages its product development, business development, startup, engineering, venture capital network, and market research experience to accelerate healthcare innovations from concept to commercialization. If an idea, project, or research meets OEI criteria upon evaluation, resources are available to advance the work towards commercial endpoints.

Brilliant ideas can happen at any moment, and the Office of Entrepreneurship & Innovation is always available and eager to meet CHOP’s aspiring innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs.

Partnership Opportunities

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Our Team

Since its inception in 2015, the Office of Entrepreneurship & Innovation has offered guidance and resources to countless unique ideas and project teams, with the goal of enabling CHOP employees to navigate a clear path towards the development and commercialization of innovative pediatric solutions and products. 

Meet the Office of Entrepreneurship & Innovation Team.