Topolewski Pediatric Valve Center Research

Boy getting an echocardiogram Research at the Topolewski Pediatric Heart Valve Center is pioneered by thought leaders in the fields of cardiovascular surgery, interventional cardiology, advanced imaging and basic science. Our clinicians and scientists have produced and published extensively across their respective fields. These areas of research include:

  • Using 3D echocardiography to better understand progressive valve regurgitation (leaking) in single ventricle patients as well as catheter-based and surgical planning for complex valve repairs
  • Redefining indications for repeat surgery in children with repaired tetralogy of Fallot
  • Developing a potential medical therapy to slow progressive valve disease
  • Investigating and inventing new transcatheter therapies for children

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia recognizes the importance of this research and its potential to improve the lives of thousands of children with heart disease. In an effort to continually elevate care for children with pediatric valve disease, CHOP has made a significant investment in this program, designating it a Frontier Program. Frontier Programs are trailblazing initiatives that will forge important new discoveries, deliver novel therapies and redefine the future of pediatric medicine.

Selected Publications

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