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Protecting The Heart: Preventive Cardiovascular Program

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Ethan is 16-year-old male who presents to the Lipid Heart Clinic for further evaluation of his dyslipidemia. Past history reveals an otherwise healthy adolescent who experienced a 50-pound weight gain over the past year without height increase.

Heart-healthy & Tasty Ideas for All Meals

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Eating the right foods can support cardiac health and help reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Check out these heart-healthy recipes.

Case Study: Beyond High BP — Thorough Evaluation

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Early recognition and treatment of hypertension in childhood has the potential to reduce adverse cardiovascular events later in life. In this case study, the author offers guidance on when a referral to CHOP’s Hypertension and Vascular Evaluation (HAVE) Program may be warranted.

Down Syndrome and the Lipid Heart Clinic at CHOP

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Researchers at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia are studying lipids levels — such as cholesterol and triglycerides — on individuals with Down syndrome (trisomy 21). The Lipid Heart Clinic helps monitor patients who may be predisposed to early heart attack and stroke.