Special Immunology Service

Special Immunology provides care to infants, children, and youth exposed to or infected with HIV at birth. The team consists of pediatricians specializing in HIV care, nurses, a medical assistant, social workers, an adolescent counselor, a dietitian, a developmental psychologist, and administrative staff.

The program uses a comprehensive and holistic approach to care, which includes:

  • Primary medical and HIV specialized care
  • Psycho-social care designed to address social and emotional issues and to improve quality of life
  • Physical and cognitive growth and development services, e.g., educational/developmental testing and nutritional counseling
  • Clinical and social research toward the prevention of and the effective medical treatment for HIV infection

A contract with the Presbyterian Medical Center provides adult care for HIV infected caregivers of pediatric patients on-site.

The program was established in 1988 and continues to serve as a model for care for children and families living with HIV.