Audiology Extern/LEND Fellowship

Description of Placement

The Center for Childhood Communication (CCC) at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) commits to being the world leader in helping children reach their full potential by delivering integrated family-centered clinical care, innovative research and quality education in childhood communication and its disorders. The CCC offers a fourth year Au.D. externship each year, usually beginning in July and ending in June.

Clinical experiences are customized to meet the needs and interests of each extern. Experiences may include behavioral assessment, physiologic assessment, amplification selection/verification/validation, cochlear implant services, vestibular testing, inpatient consultations, family support groups, and more. Our externship also includes a Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (LEND) fellowship


When considering candidates, we look for bright, motivated individuals who have experience working with pediatric patients and want to become pediatric audiologists. We have a large staff (~40 audiologists) and our clinical setting is demanding and fast-paced.

Application Process

Apply for the Audiology Extern/LEND Fellow placement through Careers at CHOP | Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Applicants should include their curriculum vitae (CV) and cover letter. CHOP participates in accordance with the Audiology Clinician Education Network (ACEN). The application deadline is September 23 for the 2023-2024 externship position.

For questions, please contact Lyndsey Chiaia, Au.D. at

Selection Process

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and early submission is strongly encouraged. Telephone interviews will be scheduled with strong candidates. Following phone interviews, we send a skills survey to top candidates to have references complete and return. We invite the top 4-6 candidates for a team interview which will run from September 26  through October 21. In accordance with the Audiology Clinician Education Network (ACEN), an offer will be extended on October 24. Competition for our externship position is substantial. We are fortunate to receive inquiries from students throughout the country. The deadline for acceptance is October 25.