Emergency Department Clinical Pathway for the
Evaluation/Treatment of Children with Foreign Body Ingestion

  • Triage Imaging
    • Two view chest X-ray
  • Additional Imaging
    • Neck, abdomen as indicated
    • Lateral if:
      • Battery/magnet/coin supsected
      • Esophageal location
      • FB location uncertain
Suspected Foreign Body (FB) Ingestion
Button Battery Referral to CHOP PHL
Triage, Imaging
Resuscitation Room
respiratory or
circulatory failure
Suspected ingested
or nasal button battery
Notify PEM and expedite X-ray
FLOC/RN Team Assessment
History and Physical, Imaging

Button Batteries

Confirmed Esophageal Button Battery
Activate Button Battery Notification

Emergent endoscopic removal
OR Board Runner 5-4444


Posted: July 2013
Revised: September 2023
Editors: Clinical Pathways Team