Kawasaki Disease or Incomplete Kawasaki Disease Clinical Pathway — Emergency Department and Inpatient

Goals and Metrics


For patients with complete Kawasaki disease or incomplete Kawasaki disease:

  1. Standardize clinical evaluation, diagnosis and treatment
  2. Standardize admission and discharge criteria
  3. Provide evidence-based treatment
  4. Provide patient/family education
  5. Provide appropriate plan for outpatient follow-up


  • Length of stay
  • Readmissions
  • Day of fever that KD diagnosis made
  • Day of fever that first dose IVIG administered
  • Rate of aneurysms
  • Utilization of steroids
  • Utilization of Infliximab
  • Utilization of IVIG
  • Rate of post-hospitalization PCP and specialist follow-up
  • Rate of progression of coronary involvement (Z score) on follow-up echocardiogram
  • Rate of delayed and/or missed diagnosis