Dominic Romeo, MTS, MA

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Dominic Romeo, MTS, MA, is a craniofacial clinical research fellow with the Division of Plastic, Reconstructive and Oral Surgery at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Appointments and Referrals: 1-800-TRY-CHOP (1-800-879-2467)

Education and Training

Undergraduate Degree

BA in Honors Political Science and Chinese - University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IL

Graduate Degree

MTS in Theological Studies - Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA
MA in Economics - Peking University, Beijing, China

Titles and Academic Titles

Craniofacial Clinical Research Fellow

Departments and Services




Romeo D, Go B, Ng J, Barrette L, Rhodes I, Rajasekaran K. Systematic Review: Evaluating the Efficacy of Intrathecal Fluorescein for Localizing CSF Rhinorrhea. Journal of Craniofacial Surgery. 2022;33(8):2581- 2585. doi:10.1097/SCS.0000000000008849

Fritz C, De Ravin E, Suresh N, Romeo D, Shah M, Rajasekaran K. Clinical practice guidelines for management of medullary thyroid carcinoma: An AGREE II appraisal. American Journal of Otolaryngology. 2022;43(6):103606. doi:10.1016/j.amjoto.2022.103606

Pandya S, Suresh NV, Shah V, Romeo D, De Ravin E, Barrette L, Moreira A, Rajasekaran K. A Critical Appraisal of Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. The Journal of Laryngology & Otology. Published online June 17, 2022:1-22. doi:10.1017/S0022215122001414

De Ravin E, Barrette LX, Lu J, Xu K, Suresh N, Romeo D, Moreira A, Rajasekaran K. Clinical practice guidelines on management of infantile hemangioma: a systematic quality appraisal using the AGREE II instrument. Pediatric Hematology and Oncology. Published online April 25, 2022:1-12. doi:10.1080/08880018.2022.2062502

Suresh NV, De Ravin E, Barrette LX, Prasad A, Romeo D, et al. Quality appraisal of clinical practice guidelines for the use of radiofrequency ablation in the treatment of thyroid nodules and cancer. American Journal of Otolaryngology. 2022;43(4):103508. doi:10.1016/j.amjoto.2022.103508

Salem MM, Mccloskey K, Romeo D, et al. Understanding the Pathogenesis of Lateral Supratentorial Neurenteric Cysts in Close Proximity to Other Vascular Pathologies: A Case Report and Review of Embryology. Cureus. Published online June 2, 2022. doi:10.7759/cureus.25608

Anazodo UC et al…Romeo D, A framework for advancing sustainable magnetic resonance imaging access in Africa. NMR in Biomedicine. Published online October 19, 2022:e4846. doi:10.1002/nbm.4846


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Posters and Presentations


Romeo D et al. Cervical Pedicle and Lateral Mass Screws Used As A Standard Of Care Years Before FDA Reclassification: Lessons To Learn. Congress of Neurological Surgeons Annual Meeting 2022; October 2022; San Francisco, Ca.

Romeo D et al. Hives Associated with Verapamil in Radial Artery Catheterization for Neuroendovascular Diagnostic Angiograms: A Case Control Study. 2022 AANS Annual Scientific Meeting; April 2022; Philadelphia, Pa.

Ng JJ & Romeo D, Blum JD, Cho DY, Winter E, Villavisanis DF, Punchak M, Bartlett SP, Swanson JW, Lang S, Storm P, Taylor JA. Durotomies During Craniosynostosis Repair: Friend or Foe? Presented at Northeastern Society of Plastic Surgeons Annual Meeting 2022 (Winner of Resident Poster Competition); September 2022; Newport, Ri.

Ng JJ, Blum JD, Cheung L, Cho DY, Romeo D, Kalmar CL, Villavisanis DF, Bartlett SP, Taylor JA, Swanson JW. Efficacy of a Dental SafeScraper Device for Harvesting Bone Graft for Pediatric Cranioplasty. Accepted for publication in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Global Open following Plastic Surgery The Meeting 2022; October 2022; Boston, Ma.

Cheung L, Folsom N, Fero D, Romeo D, Villavisanis D, Bulm J, Cho D, Carlson A, Low D, Jackson O, Bartlett S, Taylor J, Swanson J. Electronic Clinical Integration of Cleft-Q, a Patient Reported Outcome Instrument, in our Multidisciplinary Cleft Care Workflow. To Presented at: The American Cleft Palate- Craniofacial Association (ACPA) Annual Meeting, 2022; March 2022; Fort Worth, Texas.

Ng JJ, Flanders TM, Blum JD, Cho DY, Cheung L, Romeo DJ, Low D, Taylor JA, Heuer G, Swanson JW. Pseudomeningocele Closure: Capsulofascial Interposition Technique. Accepted for Pediatric Neurological Surgery Annual Meeting 2022 (Poster Presentation).


Romeo D et al. Systematic Review: Evaluating the Efficacy of Intrathecal Fluorescein in Localizing CSF Rhinorrhea. Presented at: 2021 Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Pediatric Global Health Conference; October 30, 2021; Philadelphia, Pa.

Awards and Honors

2022, Top Poster Award for Resident Poster Competition, Northeastern Society of Plastic Surgeons Annual Meeting
2019-2020, Merit Scholarship Recipient, Goucher College
2019, Merit Scholarship Recipient, Santa Clara University
2017-2019, Yenching Scholars Fellowship, Fellow, Peking University
2016-2017, Blakemore Fellowship, Fellow
2015, Allstate Good Works Team
2014-2015, West Coast Conference’s All-Academic Team
2014-2015, West Coast Conference Commissioner’s Honor Roll, Gold Recipient
2014, Magna Cum Laude, University of Notre Dame