What are glomangiomas 

Glomangiomas Image Glomus bodies are a normal part of the skin circulation that help regulate body temperature by constricting blood flow to the skin to preserve body heat, or relaxing to increase skin circulation to release body heat. Abnormal collections of glomus cells, called glomangiomas or glomus cell tumors, are benign clusters of bluish-purple nodules that are often painful and sensitive to pressure.

Glomangiomas are benign but can be annoying, and patients may develop clusters in any part of the body. They may have a dominant inheritance pattern.


Laser treatment is not usually effective in the treatment of glomangiomas because of the depth of involvement in the skin, and surgical excision is usually recommended for symptomatic lesions. Sclerotherapy may also be of some use, although each blue nodule must be individually injected, which can be tedious and painful.

Reviewed by David W. Low, MD