Core Lab Rotation Schedules

Clinical rotation days and learning objectives

Core Lab – Hematology

  • Days 1 and 2: Learn Laboratory Information System and basic accessioning, learn some waived testing
  • Days 3-7: Learn the CBC analyzer Sysmex 9100 including analyzer maintenance, troubleshooting and how to report test results
  • Days 8-12: Learn Urinalysis analyzer and testing, Body Fluids Cell Count and Differentials
  • Days 13-16: Coagulation Lab
  • Days 17-20: Manual Differentials
  • Day 21: Exposure to Bone marrows, Hemoglobinopathy and Flow Cytometry

Core Lab – Clinical Chemistry

  • Days 1-3: Learning Laboratory Information System and Specimen processing
  • Days 4-7: Learn the main Chemistry analyzer Vitros 4600 including analyzer maintenance, troubleshooting and how test results are reported
  • Days 8-9: Learn Architect analyzer including the troubleshooting and how the transplant and therapeutic drugs are performed
  • Days 10-11: Learn Immulite XPi analyzer to perform Immunoassays
  • Days 12-13: Learn ICP-Mass Spec to perform Lead Level testing
  • Day 14-16: Learn DiaSorin analyzer for Vitamin D testing and manual tests including the Sweat Testing for Cystic Fibrosis patients
  • Day 17: Exposure to Biochemical Genetics Lab
  • Days 18-21: Arterial and venous Blood Gas testing