Ilia Fishbein, MD, PhD

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Ilia Fishbein, MD, PhD is a principal investigator for the Cell and Gene Therapy Collaborative at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. 

Appointments and Referrals: 1-800-TRY-CHOP (1-800-879-2467)

Education and Training

Medical School

PhD - Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Pharmaceutical Science), Jerusalem, Israel 


Medicine - Central Hospital #6, Penza, Russia


Postdoctoral Fellow, Division of Cardiology, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Graduate Degree

MD - University of Saratov; Saratov, Russia

Titles and Academic Titles

Principal Investigator

Research Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Departments and Services

Research Interests

  • Gene and cell therapy of cardiovascular diseases
  • Role of macrophages in the pathogenesis of in-stent restenosis
  • Surface modification of biomaterials for improving biocompatibility of medical implants




Inamdar VV, Fitzpatrick EG, Alferiev IS, Levy RJ, Stachelek SJ, Fishbein I: Mitigation of blood borne cell attachment to metal implants through CD47-derived peptide immobilization. Journal of Visualized Experiments(166), Dec 3 2020 Notes: doi: 10.3791/61545.

Inamdar Vaishali V, Fitzpatrick Emmett, Alferiev Ivan, Nagaswami Chandrasekaran, Spruce Lynn A, Fazelinia Hossein, Bratinov George, Seeholzer Steven H, Levy Robert J, Fishbein Ilia, Stachelek Stanley J: Stability and bioactivity of pepCD47 attachment on stainless steel surfaces. Acta biomaterialia 104: 231-240, Mar 2020 Notes: NIHMS ID 1583105.

Battig MR, Alferiev IS, Guerrero DT, Fishbein I, Pressly BB, Levy RJ, Chorny M: An Experimental Single-Platform Approach to Enhance Functionalization of Magnetically Targetable Cells. ACS Applied Bio Materials 2020 Notes: accepted; mt-2020-00466a.R1; DOI: 10.1021/acsabm.0c00466; NIHMS1597029.


Battig Mark R, Fishbein Ilia, Levy Robert J, Alferiev Ivan S, Guerrero David, Chorny Michael: Optimizing endothelial cell functionalization for cell therapy of vascular proliferative disease using a direct contact co-culture system. Drug delivery and translational research 8(4): 954-963, Aug 2018.


Fishbein I, Guerrero DT, Alferiev IS, Foster JB, Minutolo NG, Chorny M, Monteys AM, Driesbaugh KH, Nagaswami C, Levy RJ: Stent-based delivery of adeno-associated viral vectors with sustained vascular transduction and iNOS-mediated inhibition of in-stent restenosis. Gene Ther 24(11): 717-726, Nov 2017.


Fishbein I, WelchT ,Guerrero DT ,Alferiev IS ,Adamo RF , Chorny M, Gupte RK, Tang Y, Levy RJ: Paraffin Processing of Stented Arteries Using a Post-Fixation Dissolution of Metallic and Polymeric Stents. Cardiovascular Pathology. 2016 Aug 20;25(6):483-488. PMID: 27616613 (eds.). 25(6): 483-488, Aug 2016.

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Fishbein I, Forbes SP, Adamo RF, Chorny M, Levy RJ, Alferiev IS: Vascular gene transfer from metallic stent surfaces using adenoviral vectors tethered through hydrolysable cross-linkers. Journal of Visualized Experiments(90), e51653, Aug 2014 Notes: doi:10.3791/51653;

Kruklitis RJ, Fishbein I, Singhal S, Kappor V, Levy RJ, Alferiev IS, Sterman DH: Stent-mediated gene delivery for site-specific transgene administration to the airway epithelium and management of tracheobronchial tumors. Respiration 88(5): 406-417, Nov 2014 Notes: joint first authorship.


Ma G, Wang Y, Fishbein I, Yu M, Zhang L, Alferiev IS, Yang J, Song C, Levy RJ: Anchoring of self-assembled plasmid DNA/anti-DNA antibody/cationic lipid micelles on bisphosphonate-modified stent for cardiovascular gene delivery. International J Nanomedicine 8: 1029-35, Mar 2013.

Chorny M, Fishbein I, Tengood JE, Adamo RF, Alferiev IS, Levy RJ: Site-specific gene delivery to stented arteries using magnetically guided zinc oleate-based nanoparticles loaded with adenoviral vectors. FASEB journal  27(6): 2198-206, Jun 2013.

Fishbein I, Forbes SP, Chorny M, Connolly JM, Adamo RF, Corrales RA, Alferiev IS, Levy RJ: Adenoviral vector tethering to metal surfaces via hydrolyzable cross-linkers for the modulation of vector release and transduction. Biomaterials 34(28): 6938-48, Sep 2013.

Forbes SP,  Alferiev IS,  Chorny M,  Adamo RF,  Levy RJ,  Fishbein I: Modulation of NO and ROS production by AdiNOS transduced vascular cells through supplementation with L-Arg and BH4: Implications for gene therapy of restenosis. Atherosclerosis 230(1): 23-32, Sep 2013.


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Fishbein I, Alferiev IS, Bakay M, Stachelek SJ, Sobolewski P, Lai M, Choi H, Chen I-W, Levy RJ: Local delivery of gene vectors from bare-metal stents by use of a biodegradable synthetic complex inhibits in-stent restenosis in rat carotid arteries. Circulation 117(16): 2096-103, Apr 2008.


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Posters and Presentations


Aghali (Elhashmi) A, Keeney S, Fitzpatrick E, Shukla H, Castillero E, Fishbein I, Ferrari G, Levy RJ.: Serotonin Related Gene Expression Patterns in Aortic Valve Interstitial Cells Are Altered by Proliferation and Serotonin Transporter Inhibition. AHA Scientific Sessions 2019; November 16-18, Philadelphia, PA Nov 2019 Notes: poster presentation.

Inamdar VV, Fitzpatrick E, Alferiev I, Nagasami C, Levy RJ, Fishbein I, Stachelek SJ.: Peptide CD47 functionalization of metal surfaces prevents inflammatory cell attachment, activation and promotes anti-inflammatory phenotype in macrophages. AHA Scientific Sessions 2019; November 16-18, Philadelphia, PA Nov 2019 Notes: poster presentation.

Pressly BB, Hooshdaran B, Alferiev IS, Zoltick P, Wilensky RL, Gorman R, Smith JD, Hazen SL, Levy R, Fishbein I.: The Incorporation Of Oxidation Resistant ApoA1-4WF In Adeno-Associated Viral And Lentiviral Gene Vectors With Robust Cholesterol Efflux In Vitro. AHA Scientific Sessions 2019; November 16-18, Philadelphia, PA Nov 2019 Notes: poster presentation

Guerrero DT, Alferiev IS, Nguyen F, Guan P, Kolla V, Soberman D, Fishbein I, Levy RJ, Brodeur GM, Chorny M: Nanocarriers with reversibly hydrophobized co-drugs for treating aggressive neuroblastoma. 2nd International Conference on Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology & Nanomedicine,New York, NY March 2019 Notes: poster presentation.

Inamdar VV, Fitzpatrick E, Alferiev I, Nagaswami C, Levy RJ, Fishbein I, Stachelek SJ: Enhanced Biocompatibility of Stents via CD47 Surface Functionalization. Society for Biomaterials 2019 Annual Meeting, April 3-6, Seattle, WA Apr 2019 Notes: podium presentation.

Alferiev IS, Guerrero DT, Nguen F, Guan P, Kolla V, Soberman D,  Fishbein I, Levy RJ, Brodeur GM, Chorny M: Poloxamer-based polymeric prodrugs as an experimental therapy for aggressive solid tumors. Conference on Polymers in Life Sciences; Philadelphia, PA May 2019 Notes: poster presentation.

Guerrero DT, Alferiev IS, Nguen F, Guan P, Kolla V, Soberman D,  Fishbein I, Levy RJ, Brodeur GM, Chorny M: Formulation and evaluation of biodegradable polymeric nanoparticles as injectable anticancer co-drug carriers. Conference on Polymers in Life Sciences, Philadelphia, PA May 2019 Notes: poster presentation.

Hooshdaran B, Pressly BB, Alferiev IS, Wilensky RL, Gorman RC, Smith JD, Hazen S, Levy RJ, Fishbein I: Stent-based gene therapy of restenosis with an oxidation-resistant apoA1 mutant. AHA Vascular Discovery Annual Meeting, 2019, May 14-16, Boston, MA  May 2019 Notes: podium presentation.

Inamdar VV, Fitzpatrick E, Alferiev IS, Nagaswami C, Levy RJ, Fishbein I, Stachelek SJ: CD47 surface functionalization increases the biocompatibility of metal stents. AHA: Vascular Discovery Annual Meeting, 2019 May 14-16, Boston, MA May 2019 Notes: poster presentation.

Pressly BB, Guerrero DT, Alferiev IS, Hooshdaran B, Kuoch M, Chorny M, Fishbein I: Induction of a Prohealing Macrophage Phenotype with Stent-eluted Gene Vectors for the Prevention of Restenosis. AHA: Vascular Discovery Annual Meeting, 2019 May 14-16, Boston, MA May 2019 Notes: poster presentation.


Guerrero DT, Alferiev IS, Nguen F, Guan P, Kolla V, Soberman D, Fishbein I, Levy RJ, Brodeur GM, Chorny M: Codrug-impregnated nanocarriers as an experimental therapy for aggressive neuroblastoma. International Conference on Pharma Research and Development; Philadelphia, PA Jun 2018 Notes: poster presentation.

Guerrero DT, Alferiev IS, Nguen F, Guan P, Kolla V, Soberman D, Fishbein I, Levy RJ, Brodeur GM, Chorny M: Mutual prodrugs for treating aggressive neuroblastoma with biodegradable nanocarriers. 256th American Chemical Society National Meeting: Nanoscience, Nanotechnology & Beyond; Boston, MA August 2018 Notes: poster presentation.

Awards and Honors

2005, Innovation Award at Stokes Fellows Research Poster Day, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
1997, Goldhaber Family Award for Academic Achievements, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
1996, The Nagai Foundation Graduate Student Award, Controlled Release Societyl

Editorial and Academic Positions

Editorial Positions

2020-present, Reviewer: Bioengineering
2020-present, Reviewer: Physiological research
2019-present, Reviewer: Scientific Reports
2019-present, Reviewer: Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine and Cardiology
2019-present, Reviewer: Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine
2019-present, Reviewer: Genes
2018-present, Reviewer: Journal of Exploratory Research in Pharmacology
2017-present, Reviewer: Journal of Pragmatic and Observational Research
2017-present, Reviewer: Molecular Medicine Reports
2016-present, Reviewer: Immunological Investigations
2016-present, Reviewer: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders
2016-present, Reviewer: ACS Nano
2016-present, Reviewer: Cardiovascular Pathology
2015-present, Reviewer: International Journal of Molecular Medicine
2015-present, Reviewer: Journal of Cardiovascular Diseases and Diagnosis
2015-present, Reviewer: Biomaterials
2014-present, Reviewer: Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine
2014-present, Reviewer: Gene Therapy
2014-present, Reviewer: Journal of Clinical and Experimental Cardiology
2014-present, Reviewer: Tissue engineering
2014-present, Reviewer: Journal of Investigative Medicine
2014-present, Reviewer: Pediatric Research
2014-present, Reviewer: Molecular Therapy
2013-present, Reviewer: Nanotechnology
2013-present, Reviewer: Expert Review of Medical Devices
2013-present, Reviewer: Theranostics
2013-present, Editorial Board Member: "Angiology: open access"
2012-present, Reviewer: Molecular Pharmaceutics
2011-present, Reviewer: Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery
2010-present, Reviewer: Journal of Biomedical Materials Research
2009-present, Reviewer: Human Gene Therapy
2009-present, Reviewer: Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology
2008-present, Reviewer: Journal of Gene Medicine
2007-present, Reviewer: Nanomedicine

Academic and Institutional Committees

2013-present, Clinical and Scientific Advisory Committee (CSAC) for the Pennsylvania Pediatric Device Consortium (PPDC)
2010-present, Voting Member, Scholarship Oversight Committee, Division of Cardiology

Leadership and Memberships

Memberships in Professional Organizations

2018-present, National Institute of Health
 - 2018-present, Vascular Cell and Molecular Biology Study Section, Ad hoc reviewer
2006-present, American Heart Association
2005-present, American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy