Walmart and Sam's Club

Jun 12, 2023-Jul 14, 2023

"Walmart and Sam’s Club spark good to change kids’ health at CHOP through Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMN Hospitals). CHOP wants to ensure the children in our community can lead healthy, fulfilling lives. But we can’t do it alone.

Walmart and Sam's Club share a basic belief - that every child deserves the chance to live better. That's why they support CMN Hospitals in raising critical funds for local children’s hospitals to spark good and help change kids' health.

Mark your calendars: June 12 – July 9 donations are taken in-store at Walmart and Sam’s Club, on and in the Walmart app to help provide kids with a healthier tomorrow. Pro Tip: If you’re using self-checkout, hit the “Pay” button when you’re ready to pay to ensure the CMN Hospitals donation prompt is displayed.

While you are at Walmart or Sam’s Club, be sure to thank associates who are rallying behind the campaign. They are the key to helping raise critical funds for our hospital so we can provide treatments and support patients desperately need today to fulfill their potential for tomorrow.

Together, we can change kids’ health. Together, we can change the future.