Focused Ultrasound Education (FUSED) Program

The Focused Ultrasound Education (FUSED) Program at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) is committed to incorporating bedside ultrasound in the neonatal and pediatric clinical care setting. Often children present with symptoms that are difficult to diagnose from physical exam or laboratory tests alone. Ultrasound is a tool that allows clinicians to “look into” a patient in real-time to help make a diagnosis and initiate timely, life-sustaining treatment.

About Our Focused Ultrasound Education (FUSED) Program

Since 2012, CHOP has been a leader in multidisciplinary pediatric bedside ultrasound education. The FUSED Program was developed through intensive collaboration between leaders in imaging-based specialties (cardiology and radiology) and acute care disciplines (emergency medicine, anesthesiology, critical care, neonatology) to bring this advanced technology to the point-of-care management of sick children.

Today, bedside ultrasound is a fundamental element of care in our hospital. Our pediatric acute care providers now use point-of-care ultrasound (often referred to as “POCUS”) to augment clinical assessment and guide procedural performance to improve patient safety and outcomes.

Our Bedside Ultrasound Education Efforts

The FUSED Program believes portable ultrasound is a vital clinical tool for all pediatric acute care providers. Within CHOP, medical students, general pediatric residents, fellow trainees and faculty are trained through the FUSED Program’s division-specific advanced curriculum which includes virtual reality trainers and 3-D printed models to augment their ultrasound skill set.

We also educate pediatric specialists outside our institution in the use of ultrasound. CHOP has led the effort to train physicians by hosting biannual immersive two-day ultrasound courses, the largest courses for pediatric providers known throughout the world, as well as delivering local courses to academic pediatric institutions across the country. Further, CHOP-based courses have been delivered internationally in Taiwan, Switzerland and, starting in 2020, China.

Our Point-of-Care Ultrasound Research

We are committed to systematic implementation of bedside ultrasound across the pediatric and neonatal clinical care environment with robust assessment for clinical practice change and outcome improvement. Our research team has published numerous studies on the impact of ultrasound education and its translation to clinical care. The FUSED team can provide shared educational curriculum, credentialing documentation and quality assurance processes for implementation within acute care divisions outside of CHOP, with the goal of developing robust, multicenter bedside ultrasound educational and clinical databases. Such data will allow us to ensure the translation of education to clinical excellence as well as truly quantify the impact of bedside ultrasound in the care of our sickest children.

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Our Team. Your Partners.

FUSED is led by experts in the use of bedside ultrasound in clinical practice. Our team of educators includes physicians, nurses and other providers across neonatology, critical care medicine, general pediatrics, anesthesiology, emergency medicine, global health, radiology and cardiology.

Neonatologists & N/IICU

María Victoria Fraga
Jason Z. Stoller
Erik Brandsma
Leah Carr

Critical Care

Thomas Conlon
Akira Nishisaki
Christie Glau
Adam Himebauch
Sam Rosenblatt
Mark Weber

Cardiac Anesthesia

Ana María Manrique Espinel


Elaina Lin
Gregory Johnson


Aaron Chen
Rachel Rempell
Michael McWay


Kassa Darge
Summer Kaplan
Victor Ho-Fung
Michael Francavilla
Misun Hwang


Michael Quartermain
Meryl Cohen
Lindsay Rogers
Shobha Natarajan

Global Health

Alexandra Vinograd
Keri Cohn
Savvas Andronikou
Hansel Otero

General Pediatrics

Beryl Greywoode