Braden QD Scale Education Module

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Braden QD Scale for Assessment of Immobility and Device-Related Pressure Ulcer Risk in Pediatric Population

The purpose of the Braden QD education module is to introduce and educate staff on different components of the new Braden QD scale and to provide case scenarios to practice using the new tool.

The original Braden Q scale was developed to identify pressure injury risk in pediatric patients. It was tested on patients between three weeks and eight years of age, in the intensive care unit (ICU) environment. The new Braden QD scale expands the Braden Q work and has been tested on patients premature to 21 years of age, including cardiac patients and patients in non-ICU environments. The new Braden QD scale identifies risk for both immobility and device-related pressure injury.

The module includes:

  • Background
  • Components and scoring
  • Case scenarios
  • Documentation
  • Resources

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