Childcare Vaccination Requirements in Pennsylvania

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Who sets the rules for vaccinations needed for childcare?

There is a PA State Law about which childhood vaccinations are required to attend child care group settings (PA Code 27.77).

Do children have to be vaccinated to attend childcare in Pennsylvania?

Yes, on the first day of childcare attendance, all children ages 2 months and older must have received the required vaccinations (see below for further information about required vaccinations). If a child has not received their vaccinations, they must have documented the child’s medical, religious, or philosophical exemption. In most cases, it is the responsibility of the family to obtain this documentation and provide it to the childcare staff.

  • Childcare centers are required to keep written documentation of previous vaccinations. This includes the dates of each vaccination including month, day, and year. This documentation must be from a physician or from the state or local health department.
  • Written documentation for all exemptions must be kept by the childcare provider. Documentation for medical exemption is provided by your child’s healthcare team. For religious or philosophical exemptions, parents are required to provide written documentation of their “religious grounds or on the basis of a strong moral or ethical conviction similar to a religious belief.”
  • Without documentation of vaccination or exemption, a childcare may not keep a child ages 2 months or older at the setting for more than 60 days. As children in childcare get older, they will need to receive other vaccinations. Documentation of these vaccinations needs to be provided to the childcare center. Documentation of all vaccinations is provided by the physician or state or local health departments who gives the vaccines.

Which vaccinations does my child need to attend childcare?

Required vaccinations vary by a child’s age. You can find the recommended vaccination schedules by visiting the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's Recommended Vaccination Schedule. You can also speak with your child’s healthcare team to learn more about the recommended immunization schedule.

How do I provide proof of my child’s vaccination status?

  • Request a copy of your child’s vaccination records from their primary care physician. 
  • If your child’s primary care provider is at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, you can use MyCHOP to get a copy of vaccination records. To access the record:
  1. Log in to MyCHOP
  2. Click on “Menu”
  3. Select “Letters”

Print a copy of the most recent health assessment or after visit summary on file.

If you do not have a MyCHOP account for your child, you can call your CHOP Primary Care office to request an access code. Once you have an access code, you can set up your new account here.