Exam Demonstration Videos

In this series of educational videos for clinicians, physicians from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) demonstrate how to perform specific evaluations on children and teens.


Dr. Masters and patient Concussion evaluation: Christina Master, MD, a sports medicine pediatrician and concussion expert, demonstrates how to perform a concussion evaluation on a child or teen. She reviews how to take a history, elicit information about the incident, and perform a physical exam in patients who may have a concussion.


Dr. Ichord and patient Stroke exam: Rebecca Ichord, MD, Director of the Pediatric Stroke Program, reviews signs and symptoms of pediatric stroke and demonstrates a clinical exam. Signs can include weakness or numbness; trouble walking, speaking or understanding simple directions; severe headaches; loss of vision or double vision; and severe dizziness.


thyroid exam video screenshot Thyroid exam: Andrew Bauer, MD, an Endocrinologist and Medical Director of the Pediatric Thyroid Center at CHOP, demonstrates technique for the pediatric thyroid exam. In addition to performing an exam on a teenager with a normal, healthy thyroid, Dr. Bauer shows what to look for during exams on children with abnormal thyroids.