Postpartum Depression in Dads and Partners Podcast

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Did you know that if a new mom is suffering from postpartum depression, the chances are high that the new dad or partner may be struggling as well? In this episode of the Primary Care Perspectives podcast series, David Levine, MD, pediatrician and board member, Postpartum Support International, discusses perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs) in dads, partners, and adoptive parents. Published August 2021.

Listen now: Postpartum Depression in Dads and Partners.

Among the topics: prevalence and risk factors for postpartum depression and other mood issues in dads and partners; cultural attitudes, including factors that keep dads from asking for help and the lack of public role models for struggling dads; how to include dads and partners in screening during obstetric or newborn care; use of the Edinburgh postnatal depression scale; how postpartum depression in dads may affect bonding with the infant; what to do if you suspect postpartum depression in a dad or partner; and more.