Questions About My Child's Medication

Medication safety is very important. Medicine can help your child get well or control a condition. But it can also harm your child if it is not given correctly. Asking these questions will help you partner with your child’s healthcare team so your child is given medication safely.

  • When is the medication taken (dosing schedule)?
  • What form does the medication come in (pills, liquid)?
  • Why is this medicine being prescribed for my child? What should the medicine do (will you see changes)?
  • Does the medication interact with other medications or food?
  • What are the possible side effects of each medication? When should I stop giving it?
  • When should I call my child's healthcare provider?
  • Are there special instructions for storing, preparing, measuring and giving each medication? (Ask to go over instructions and get written instructions)
  • How will I know if the medication has gone bad or expired?
  • Will this prescription need to be refilled? How do I get a refill prescription (call the office, email your child’s doctor or nurse)?
August 2014