Virtual Driving Test: Preparing Teens to Drive Safely

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Teen using mobile driving simulator In partnership with NJM Insurance Group, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) Primary Care is proud to offer simulated driving assessments for current CHOP Primary Care teen patients at select CHOP Primary Care locations. 

This innovative assessment is powered by Ready-Assess™, a software that gauges a teen’s ability to drive safely and avoid crashes. 

How it works

Teens who take the test will use a monitor and steering wheel to encounter a variety of on-road scenarios in a virtual setting, including situations most commonly associated with young driver crashes, such as following other vehicles, navigating curves, driving within posted speed limits and managing intersections. Unlike other driving courses, Ready-Assess™ solely focuses on a driver’s ability to make smart and safe decisions when behind the wheel.

After the assessment, each driver is provided a detailed report on how they did in each scenario. This feedback is specifically tailored to their performance, and offers tips to help them improve. Drivers who take the assessment also have access to safe-driving videos based on what they most need to work on. Through Ready-Assess™, both CHOP and NJM Insurance Group hope to guide young teens to a safe driving experience. 

Virtual driving test simulator Virtual driving testing is now available at CHOP’s Primary Care locations in Flourtown, Philadelphia Campus, Chadds Ford, West Grove, Cobbs Creek and Somers Point. Over the next three years, CHOP plans to expand this program to all CHOP Primary Care locations

Ask your pediatrician how to schedule your teen for a simulated driving assessment at your next visit.

Additional safe driving resources

Visit for more helpful resources designed specifically for young drivers and their parents and caregivers.