Meet Our Med-Peds Residents

Meet our Penn-CHOP Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Program residents.

Post Graduate Year 1 (PGY1)

Brittany Glassberg, MD
Brittany comes from New York and went to medical school at Mt. Sinai where she led their student run free clinic and Med-Peds interest group. Her interests include medical education and transitions of care between childhood and adulthood. When not at the hospital, you can catch Brittany exploring Philly’s restaurant scene (and afterward attempting to burn it off on the Peloton) or taking a quick train trip to NYC to hang with family!

Michelle Munyikwa, MD, PhD
Michelle is our resident Philly expert, after 10 (!) years here at Penn as an MD-PhD student. Michelle has done significant work with the Center for Health Equity and Advancement, focusing on race and medicine. Her medical interests include education (both medical and graduate), infectious diseases and working with young adults. When not at work, you can find Michelle on the beaches in Delaware.

Kaelo Moahi, MD
Kaelo comes from Botswana! He spent medical school in Rhode Island at Brown, where he did work in the refugee community exploring the intersection of medicine and poverty. His academic interests include HIV care, infectious disease and global health. When not at the hospital, you can find Kaelo playing soccer on the fields of Philadelphia and charming co-interns on both sides with his calm demeanor and easygoing style.

Cricket Gullickson, MD, MPH
Cricket comes from Wisconsin and went to medical school in Atlanta at Emory. In between, she went to college at Cornell, where she ran cross country. As a first-generation college student, she has shown her commitment to public health both locally and abroad and has earned an MPH along the way. When not at the hospital, you can find her playing with her cute kitty — ask her to show you his model photo! Fun fact: She is named after a soap opera star!

Post Graduate Year 2 (PGY2)

Madeline Chandra, MD
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH. Go-to Igloo order: Yogorino with a single topping (because she's too cheap for extras). She is the mother of plants and will try to force all fellow residents to be plant parents as well. She can dance, run and do yoga all in one afternoon. She radiates peace and tranquility, especially as a co-intern on the same team.

Kevin Ackerman, MD
Hometown: Hyde Park, NY. Go-to Igloo order: Greek yogurt with mochi, peanut butter krocco and cookie dough. He is a runner of marathons, enthusiastic nature photographer, and has grown the tallest bamboo plant known to humankind in his apartment. He is known to eat the strangest combination of foods and somehow thinks cheese puffs and chocolate cake go together. Swati heartily disagrees with him on this issue. He has excellent taste in Hawaiian shirts.

Erin Tully, MD
Hometown: Harrisburg, PA. Go-to Igloo order: variable, but always includes peanut butter cup for Cody, her dog. Lover of dogs (but mostly for Cody). She goes on regular 4 a.m. runs and figure skates in her spare time. She loves cereal and tortilla chips, but not together (but maybe together sometimes?). Her co-interns describe her as the friendliest, most down-to-earth human being.

Swati Goel, MD
Hometown: Dehradun, India. Go-to Igloo order: Yogorino with berries, but when she’s feeling adventurous, she orders the churro cone. Connoisseur of tea and lives by the motto, “If a problem can't be solved with tea, you know it’s a big problem.” She has an undying love for sunsets and brownies. She set herself a personal goal of running a 5K by the end of intern year. She is the best brunch buddy, but sometimes does things other than eating, such as yoga or saying something profound. Loves Michael Bublé’s "milk chocolate-y" voice and will cheer you up by singing "It's a Beautiful Day" when it’s downpouring outside.

Post Graduate Year 3 (PGY3)

Lacey English, MD
Lacey comes to us from Knoxville, TN, where she developed her love for biscuits, cornbread and pimento cheese. She attended Clemson (Go Tigers!) and remains an avid football fan. After college, she moved across the ocean to Uganda for two years to help with public health research initiatives that solidified her interest in advocacy and community-based work. She traded in her orange and black for Carolina blue when she attended University of North Carolina for medical school and an MPH. When not advocating for homeless and underserved populations, Lacey moonlights as an artist painting landscapes on canvas and throwing ceramic bowls and vases to hold her many farmers market plants. She has also become a devoted and loving dog mom to Beau, a southern rescue who Lacey adopted on a whim after a long MICU call. While we may never be quite brave enough to audition for the Amazing Race like her, we will always be in awe of Lacey’s fierce and fun attitude and incredibly large heart!

Alexandra Linn, MD
Everything about Alex, from her interests to her laughter, is INFECTIOUS. Hailing from Pittsburgh and the same high school as our recent Med-Peds alumni Emily Watkins and Svetoslava Kerpedjieva, Alex spent her time before medicine as a teacher in Chicago. She is also a world explorer, with her travels taking her from Ecuador all the way to Vietnam. As a true infectious disease fanatic, to this day, she has refused to take the recommended anti-parasitics after her swim in the schisto-filled waters of Lake Malawi in the hopes of doing some good old-fashioned “self-learning.” When she’s not working or running marathons up and down the Schuylkill, you can find her on any one of her friends’ couches watching the Bachelor and munching on her favorite snack of Flamin' Hot Cheetos (a favorite of fellow Med-Peds resident Jennifer Sun as well).

Jennifer Sun, MD, PhD
Jennifer hails from L.A. and Chicago, but most recently finished up a casual 13-year stretch at University of Michigan, where she stayed for her bachelor’s, medical degree and PhD (in positive psychology). Throughout her extensive training, Jen

and her husband Sam (who she met in med school!) started a farmer’s market stand selling her exquisitely crafted macarons, scones and croissants. Formerly known as the dance czar, she is also an accomplished dancer (ballet, jazz, modern, hip hop) and seriously considered a professional career prior to pursuing medicine. She once made a music video with Sam (ask her about it!) in the dead of winter barefoot, narrowly escaped frostbite. She now graces the Penn Med-Peds program with her moves and her culinary projects, which you can find prominently featured in our Instagram page. Jen loves teaching and is pursuing the Medical Education track at HUP. We are so lucky to have Jen’s gentle, caring spirit in our program.

Olivia Delia, MD
“Olly” Duh-Lee-Ah was born and raised on a horse farm in New Jersey. She is a jack of all trades, with a knack for finding the unexpected. After running cross country at Williams College (with several of our co-residents), she moved to France to teach English, while also — and perhaps more importantly — picking up part-time work at a local bakery and winning French nationals with her cross-cultural cross-country team. She came to medical school at Penn, and because it’s so great here, chose to stay for Med-Peds residency. She has a strong leaning towards social justice work and reproductive health and is now actively involved in the anti-racism committee at CHOP to dismantle social and structural barriers to health. When not at work, you can find her buying flowers at Rittenhouse farmers market, running laps downtown, stoop sitting with friends, keeping in touch with family (proud aunt life), and testing out local bakeries. She brings stories, energy and laughter to everything she does.

Post Graduate Year 4 (PGY4)

Neal Emery, MD
Neal was quick to stardom in his hometown of Pittsburgh, taking a leading role in a TV commercial for a local diner, Eat’n Park. More importantly, he once held the storied title of Best Child Marimbist in Pennsylvania. Steph Colello has the link for his YouTube videos if you need evidence. He left behind local fame for college at Northwestern in Chicago, where he studied literature. He spent a hot minute in Lesotho working for a nonprofit before going to med school at Columbia, where he always wanted to be friends with Steph, but he was too shy. Just kidding, he is not shy, but this is Steph helping to write his bio because here at Penn/CHOP Med-Peds we believe in teamwork. Neal’s interest in adolescent care, especially those in under-resourced communities, was an ideal match for our program. During rounds, you can find Neal leading his teams to the most recent evidence and canceling unnecessary telemetry. Neal loves cooking for his coresidents and teaching tricks to his new puppy Mimi.

Stephanie Colello, MD
Steph grow up in North Andover, MA, where her childhood hobbies were gymnastics (in order of preference: bars > floor > vault > beam), playing piano and being a hypochondriac. She went on to Princeton for undergrad where she studied Slavic languages and literatures, and global health — and more specifically for her thesis she studied the medicalization of childbirth practices and their depiction in Russian literature. She continued to explore her interest in the intersection of medicine and cultural practices in med school at Columbia (ask her about her life-sized petri-dish self-portrait). Med-Peds was a no-brainer for Steph, who is always drawn to complex medical decision-making and the changing physiology from pediatrics to adulthood. At Penn and CHOP, you will find Steph leading her interns to make rare diagnoses, discussing pulmonary hypertension in juicy detail, all the while making them French toast before rounds on her portable griddle. Here in Philly, she is a rising star customer at CVS on 21st and South Street, where she has couponed her way into the top 2% of savers in PA. When not in the hospital or at CVS, Steph is often sharpening her woodworking skills (and more recently metalworking), riding her bike and having dinner with friends.

Brian Coburn, MD, PhD
Brian grew up in Spearfish, SD. His life consisted mostly of the great outdoors and long car rides to places where more people lived. He found a great college community at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where he realized science is cool and doctors can help people. That led him up the road to the University of Nebraska Medical Center for medical and graduate school training. It did not take long before he was espousing the virtues, and challenges, of careful dose titration in gout management (call him Brian “you should rarely renally dose allopurinol” Coburn). His research and clinical training were a great match for Med-Peds training at Penn and CHOP, where he is working on quality improvement and beginning to find a research niche in healthcare delivery research. If you manage to sneak into Philadelphia during the pandemic, you will often find him on a rooftop playing soccer, playing board games, or enjoying takeout and drinks with friends.

Kristopher Abbate, MD
Kris hails from Tucson, AZ, where he developed a rich appreciation for desert hiking, authentic Mexican food and the many different cultures in the area. He took his interest in humanity to the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied anthropology and Hispanic studies. Kris completed a post-baccalaureate program at Columbia University, where he used his experience in semi-structured interviewing to explore the ethics of genetic testing and human subjects research. Medical school took him back to Tucson, where he developed an interest in population health, particularly for underserved and marginalized groups. Med-Peds at Penn and CHOP offered an opportunity for him to return to Philadelphia, where he has used the Global Health Track at Penn to focus his training on a future career serving these communities. His co-residents rely on him as a Philadelphia tour guide and for important restaurant recommendations. When he’s not helping his patients and co-residents, you’ll find him taking care of his adorable baby, Juniper, who recently joined the Med-Peds family.

Chief Resident

Bhavesh Patel, MD
Bhavesh is the Med-Peds chief resident for academic year 2021-2022. He is from Cumming, GA (just north of Atlanta) and went to Emory University for undergrad and medical school. He is interested in combined adult and pediatric critical care and plans to start a PICU fellowship after his chief resident year. He enjoys all things Med-Peds and MedEd. He absolutely loves the Med-Peds family at Penn and CHOP and is appreciative of the categorical Medicine and Pediatrics families as well. When not chief-ing, he can be found running, biking and exploring outdoor spaces in Philadelphia.

A little more about Bhavesh as written by his co-resident Kenneth Macneal (Penn-CHOP Med-Peds 2021 alumnus):

“Born in the quiet town of Cumming, Georgia, Bhavesh Patel has been anything but quiet. Completing both undergrad and medical school at Emory, he overcame his fear of leaving Georgia to come to Penn for Med Peds residency. He is now known throughout the classes for his Peloton-ing, his fondness of hummus-topped Doritos and his general pizzazz. He enjoys the outdoors, spikeball and simple board games. While he initially entertained being a “SPACE doctor,” he was quickly wooed by pediatric cardiology, until he finally succumbed to the allure of the pediatric ICU. He will, however, delay his fellowship to serve as Head Boy (he prefers that title to ‘Chief’), as his long-term goal is to start a Med Peds program back in Georgia. And yet, while these hobbies and accolades describe how Bhavesh spends most of his time, no words can capture the heart he brings to the program. I can think of no one else who is quicker to drop everything, stay late or go the extra mile for a patient, a colleague, or a friend. More than once he has met up after a long day to listen to his co residents vent, and somehow always seems to brighten the room with a smile. He truly is loyal, dedicated and a model physician.  I can think of no better person to lead our program!”

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