Adolescent Fellow Appointed To Philadelphia's Office of Sustainability Environmental Justice Advisory Commission

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Dr. Paul Devine Bottone, a fellow in the Division of Adolescent Medicine, has been appointed to the City of Philadelphia's Office of Sustainability Environmental Justice Advisory Commission. The Commission aims to right biased policies including exclusionary zoning, racial covenants, and pollution.

"I am honored to have the opportunity to advocate for our patients, our community, and our environment,” said Dr. Bottone. “For much of the city's history, structural burdens such as flooding and pollution have fallen most heavily upon communities of color, which in turn has contributed to startling health disparities and significant differences in life expectancies across the city's neighborhoods. Climate change will worsen many inequities, such as heat islands, that have dramatic effects on our young people. I look forward to working with the other commissioners from across the city to center justice in our solutions to these issues. I am particularly excited to bring young people into this process, as they will see the greatest effects of the decisions we make today."

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