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Welcome back to the annual Chief Residents update column. Our residents have been working so hard during the pandemic and now the unprecedented fall viral surge. I have invited our fabulous chief residents to provide an update on the residency training program at CHOP. Special thanks to Erin, Elizabeth, Brittney, Mohammed, and Brian. And finally, I wish you all well as we continue care for children who have been so significantly impacted by the pandemic and its aftermath.

Cindy Christian, MD

Pediatrics Residency Program In 2022-2023

Hello from the Chiefs’ office in 9NW! We’re honored to share with you the goings-on in the CHOP Pediatric Residency Program. We are working hard to foster community as we return to many beloved CHOP traditions post-pandemic and establish new ones along the way. We are focused on refining and streamlining the now 3-year-old X+Y curriculum and supporting resident innovation. In the X+Y system, the X block is composed of 6 weeks of inpatient rotations followed by Y block, which entails 2 weeks of continuity clinic, individualized learning experiences, electives, and protected time for didactics.

Building Community

Building a strong residency community has always been an important aspect of the experience at CHOP. This has only grown since the COVID-19 pandemic challenged traditional methods of community building and the fall 2022 viral season has added significant stress to our health care system. Residents have worked hard and creatively to support each other in care of the greatest volume and highest acuity of patients in recent memory at CHOP. Beyond the clinical realm, our residency program has been working hard to target activities that will build a stronger community among residents and within the residency program. Specifically, we are supporting Y cohort social activities financially and assigning Associate Program Directors (APDs) to each of the 4 Y cohorts. A Y cohort is the group of residents who have the same “Y block,” or continuity clinic block. There are 4 Y cohorts in the program. Assigning APDs has led to greater direct connection between residents and residency program leaders who have so much to offer in terms of support and mentorship. Several community traditions have also made a return since the COVID-19 pandemic including funded team dinners and Grand Rounds dinners.

Innovating in X+Y

In June 2020, the residency program switched from “block” (traditional 4-week rotations across the year with weekly afternoon continuity clinic) to “X+Y” scheduling. The Y academic half-days continue to be a focus of education innovation. Greatest Hits sessions bring specialists to our residents with a focus on what the general pediatrician needs to know about care in each subspecialty. We have expanded simulation days, procedure days, ECG curriculum, and long-acting reversible contraception education so our residents not only feel comfortable with these important skill areas, but can act as leaders—especially as our health system confronts the stress brought about by the fall 2022 surge in viral illnesses.

Residents participate in revamped leadership curriculum to build the skills essential beyond clinical skills to pursue their goals beyond residency. The Bias and Equity curriculum is a crucial longitudinal feature in resident education across all years, and Vital Talk helps residents learn and practice communication skills needed in a spectrum of challenging clinical scenarios.

Support for Resident Innovation

Our residents, in addition to being engaged learners and excellent clinicians, are innovative thinkers in bench and clinical research, advocacy, medical education, and technology. To support these endeavors, we are fortunate to be launching the Grants for Resident Innovation and Projects (GRIP) program, which is an endowment to sustainably invest in resident projects across the spectrum of innovation. GRIP exists due to the advocacy of residents, the investment of Dr Joe St Geme, Chief, Department of Pediatrics, and the generosity of endowment funds. We are so excited to see what residents can do with the support of GRIP!

Thank You

All residents benefit from the members of the CHOP Alumni Association. From supporting wellness through Fellow and Resident Appreciation week to broader advocacy focused on how our healthcare delivery systems rely on resident work, and education to provide important care to our patients, we thank you on behalf of the residency program for all you do in support of the residents.

2022-23 Chief Residents

coburn brian

Brian Coburn, MD, PhD

flynn erin

Erin Flynn, MD

kuhn elizabeth

Elizabeth Kuhn, MD

newby brittany

Brittney Newby, MD, PhD

saik mohammed

Mohammed Shaik, MD, PhD, MPhil

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