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At Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), breakthroughs are at the forefront of our mission. Clinicians and researchers in CHOP’s Cardiac Center are constantly exploring ways to improve patient care through groundbreaking advances in medical treatment and research. On Feb. 24, 2021, the Cardiac Center held its annual Innovation Day, where the most innovative proposals are selected for funding through CHOP’s Philly Spin-In, a team cycling fundraising event. 

This year, all projects aim to enhance the patient/family experience and advance care through increased education and wellness initiatives. Six projects were presented, all of which were approved for funding.

Establishment of a Cardiac Center Bereavement Team

This project will establish a dedicated team of properly trained healthcare professionals to provide long-term support for families suffering the loss of a child. These clinicians will provide education on death and dying, as well as emotional support to parents and siblings throughout the grieving process.

Development of a 3-D Imaging Cooperative

In partnership with Dr. Matthew Jolley’s lab and the Children’s Hospital Additive for Manufacturing of Pediatric 3D lab, this initiative will not only serve as an educational tool for surgeons and medical students, but also as a visual aid for families exploring different procedural paths. By providing a simulated venue for instruction and learning, 3D imaging will enhance estaff training and ongoing professional education.

Implementation of a Lifestyle Medicine Program

This program will be designed around the six pillars of Lifestyle Medicine, which include nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress management, positive social connections and avoidance of risky substances. Through evidence-based research around lifestyle management — and tools such as integrative medicine, nutrition consultations, exercise prescriptions, behavioral therapy and health coaches — the Lifestyle Medicine Program will empower pediatric patients to contribute to their overall wellbeing and cardiovascular health.

Establishment of a Cardiac Center Image Library

This information hub will serve as a multidimensional reference source for storing data within the Cardiac Center. Encompassing images, illustrations and videos, this collection will provide invaluable educational opportunities for clinicians and trainees alike. Serving as a comprehensive database of knowledge, this integrative system will play a pivotal role in ongoing professional education.

Development of a Wireless Monitoring Program

For many children, on-site appointments are associated with a great deal of anxiety. To mitigate this concern, this project will utilize a wireless remote monitoring system for all patients with implantable cardiac devices. This technology will allow for real-time monitoring of cardiac patients from the comfort of their homes and reduce the need for frequent onsite visitation.

Expansion of Vital Talk

Vital Talk is a training program used to enhance the communication skills of clinicians. Successful communication between clinicians and families is a critical aspect of the patient/family experience. This initiative will expand the Cardiac Center’s current usage of Vital Talk and focus on improving clinician communication skills in relation to patient interactions.

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