‘Catalytic Funding’ Establishes the Topolewski Pediatric Heart Valve Center

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Cora Topolewski was born in the Special Delivery Unit at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) with multiple heart defects. Four days after her birth, Stephanie Fuller, MD, performed a lifesaving open heart surgery to fix the hole in her heart wall, as well as her narrow aortic arch. Days after, the Topoleswki’s came home with their newborn.

Read more about how Cara's journey led to a new, multimillion-dollar gift from the Topolewskis. The funding will further advance both clinical and basic science research at CHOP that is finding new solutions for kids like Cora with complex heart valve diseases. The gift will establish the Topolewski Pediatric Heart Valve Center as well as the inaugural Topolewski Endowed Chair in Pediatric Cardiology, which will be held by Matthew Jolley, MD, an attending physician in pediatric cardiac anesthesia and echocardiography.