Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Ministry of Health of Panama Sign Letter of Agreement for Clinical Education

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Members of CHOP via Zoom and members of Panama Ministry of Health Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and The Ministry of Health of Panama (MINSA) have entered into a letter of agreement to explore mutual intent for educational collaborations. The relationship, announced last week, will enhance clinical knowledge and skills that will lead to improved health outcomes for pediatric patients in Panama.

Under the agreement, clinicians from Panama will have access to cutting-edge research and innovation supported by CHOP clinical experts. Educational opportunities will include observer rotations, visiting professorships, virtual conferences and speaker engagements both in Panama and Philadelphia.

The clinical training and educational programs will include:

  • MINSA clinicians will observe patient care at CHOP in order to develop professional skills and knowledge.
  • CHOP clinicians will provide educational activities in Panama, including visiting professorships, speaking engagements, conferences, and other educational programs relating to pediatric healthcare, quality and patient safety.
  • Informal consultation with CHOP clinicians regarding clinical educational programs for pediatric emergency care, neonatology, and simulation education.

“We look forward to partnering with our colleagues in MINSA to enhance pediatric expertise in Panama,” said Steven Docimo, MD, Senior Vice President for Business Development at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. “The opportunity to provide pediatric specialty education will further elevate in-country clinical capabilities, and we appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with the Ministry to benefit the children of Panama.”

“It is an honor to enter into this agreement with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia,” said Luis Francisco Sucre, MD, Minister of Health in Panama. “This relationship allows the implementation of world-class educational training programs, and reaffirms our commitment to providing the highest level of medical care of our children.”

“I am very excited about the alliance between CHOP and my birth country, Panama,” said Diva De Leon-Crutchlow, MD, Chief of Endocrinology and Diabetes at CHOP. “As a graduate of the School of Medicine at the University of Panama, I am aware of the high level of the medical education in Panama and the strong commitment of Panamanian pediatricians to the health of children and it gives me great pleasure to be part of the efforts to build new bridges between CHOP and Panamanian pediatricians.”

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