Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Social Security Fund (CSS) in Panama Sign Letter of Understanding for Clinical Education

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Panama official with Ruth Frey Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and the Social Security Fund (CSS) in Panama have signed a letter of understanding to explore a collaborative training and educational program. The letter of understanding provides a high-level, comprehensive overview of potential collaborations that will enhance clinical insights and improve pediatric patient care.

“Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is honored to sign this letter of understanding with CSS. It will be the start of a long-lasting, mutual relationship that will positively affect the healthcare for children in Panama," said Ruth Frey, vice president of global strategy and business development at CHOP. “CHOP truly looks forward to sharing education, research and innovation with our partners, while also learning from pediatricians in Panama.”

“The Social Security Fund serves about 87% of the Panamanian population, a high proportion of whom are children,” said Enrique Lau Cortés, MD, general director of the CSS. “This strategic alliance will further our mission of offering these children the best possible care. It is an honor for the Social Security Fund to work with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, given the hospital’s international reputation.”

“The CHOP Global Pediatric Education Team is thrilled to be able to partner with our colleagues in Panama based on this exciting agreement with the CSS of Panama as well as CHOP’s recent agreement with the Ministry of Health,” said James Callahan, MD, emergency medicine physician and medical director, Global Pediatric Education at CHOP. “We are excited to learn from each other as we work to provide outstanding medical care for children both in Panama and here at home. We are anxious to begin our work and collaboration with our partners in Panama.”

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