CHOP Perfusion Department Receives AmSECT Pillar Award

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Members of CHOP Perfusion Department in group photo The Perfusion Department at CHOP recently received the AmSECT Pillar Award, a designation for individual perfusion departments that demonstrate excellence as displayed in a number of key areas including organized orientation and training, quality assessment and improvement processes, continuing education, performance evaluation and commitment to the field of perfusion.

Perfusionists are highly trained members of the Cardiac Center at CHOP. Part of the cardiac surgical team, perfusionists play a critical role in any procedure where a patient’s circulatory or respiratory system needs to be supported. The Perfusion Department at CHOP is dedicated to providing safe and quality care to every patient, from the tiniest neonate up to the adult congenital patient. The team recognizes the important role they play, and they are always looking for ways to optimize patient care.

“The Pillar Award is a reflection of our dedication to the field of cardiovascular perfusion and to the great responsibilities of the profession,” said Tami M. Rosenthal, BS, MBA, CCP, LP, FPP, chief perfusionist in the Cardiac Center at CHOP.  “We are committed to demonstrating continued excellence because we know that is what our patients and their families deserve.”

Contributed by: Natalie Solimeo

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