CHOP RNs, Senior Directors and Chief Nursing Officer Publish Book on Nursing-Led Savings

Published on in CHOP News

The quest for cost savings in hospitals and health systems too often prompts leaders to rush to make major cuts in the largest budget line item: staffing and labor costs. Evidence shows, though, that cutting labor expenses, especially in nursing, negatively impacts both quality of care and overall profitability.

CHOP decided to take a different path — and in the process, created a new model of bedside-driven fiscal responsibility.

Nursing-Led Savings, a new book by some of the CHOP staff that led this work — Paula Agosto, Chief Nursing Officer; Megan Bernstein, Clinical Nurse Expert; Cheryl Gebeline-Myers, Senior Director, Clinical Operations Support and Services; Jackie Noll, Senior Director, Nursing; and Jessica Steck, Clinical Nurse — includes advice on how to develop and implement a plan that eliminates waste and streamlines processes in everyday clinical work.

The book includes a foreword by CHOP President and CEO — and former bedside nurse — Madeline Bell.

You can order Nursing-Led Savings online.

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