Healthy NewsWorks Interviews Dr. Karen Hudson about Homelessness and COVID-19

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Karen Hudson, PhD, MSW, LSW Homeless shelters have been hit especially hard as a result of COVID-19. Karen Hudson, Ph.D., MSW, the program leader of the Homeless Health Initiative at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, spoke with Jayni, a third grader and reporter for Healthy NewsWorks, about how homeless shelters and CHOP’s Homeless Health Initiative are changing their operations to keep families safe as well as ways that children can show support to children and families living in homeless shelters.

“Because of the COVID-19 situation, my program volunteers cannot take programs into the shelters right now,” said Dr. Hudson. “We’ve had to redevelop ourselves so we’re on the phone a lot with the shelters, providing support to them in as many ways as we can.”

Dr. Hudson also provided suggestions for children who want to help people experiencing homelessness without breaking social distancing guidelines.

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