International observerships, which were halted by the COVID-19 pandemic, officially resumed at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) in July 2021! CHOP was excited to welcome 11 healthcare professionals including physicians, nurses and medical students from around the globe to participate in our educational program with our clinical staff across multiple departments. Since July 2021, we have welcomed observers from Chile, Ethiopia, Israel, Lebanon, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, and Turkey. This number is smaller than years before COVID-19, but we are looking forward to an increase in observerships in 2022, with already 42 planned.

Carla Manterola, MD Carla Manterola, MD When asked about her observership, Carla Manterola, MD, a pediatric neurologist from Chile, said “I am very grateful for the opportunity of observing at CHOP. The superior quality of patient care is based on the amazing group of people and the multidisciplinary work they do for children and their families.”

Over just a few months, Dr. Manterola has seen how we prioritize working with patient families to provide the best care possible. We are thrilled to have international healthcare professionals, like Dr. Manterola, walking the halls of CHOP and learning so that they can bring back knowledge and skills to their home countries! By providing in-person educational opportunities to colleagues from around the world, we spread CHOP’s expertise and medical knowledge.