Managing Spring Allergies While on the Ketogenic Diet

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Boy sneezing in field of flowers Spring is in the air in the United States … but so are ragweed, mold and pollen. While seasonal spring allergies can affect anyone, individuals on the ketogenic diet need to be especially careful during this time.

Both winter and spring weather can impact how severe allergy season will be each year. For example, a mild winter can cause plants to pollinate early, while a rainy spring can promote rapid growth and higher levels of mold. Spring brings flowers, new grass, budding trees and lots of outdoor activities. For allergy sufferers, it also brings sneezing, congestion, runny noses, coughing, wheezing, red and itchy eyes, and skin rashes.

Tips for managing allergies

  • Keep an eye on pollen and mold counts in your area.
  • Keep windows and doors shut at home on high-pollen days.
  • Take a shower, wash your hair and clothes after you’ve been working or playing outside.
  • Avoid outdoor activities in the early morning when the pollen count is highest.
  • If you hang clothes outdoors to dry, consider using the dryer, or hanging clothes indoors. Pollen has been known to cling to sheets, bathing suits, towels and other clothing.

Remember allergies can also occur from insect bites and stings, pet hair and dust mites. So if the above tips don’t seem to be helping, look for other culprits.

Keto-friendly allergy medications

Anyone using the ketogenic diet should avoid liquid medication and most chewable tablets. These can contain sugars, carbohydrates or other ingredients that can change the effectiveness of the keto diet.

Instead, consider:

  • Topical creams such as Benadryl® and calamine lotion
  • Eye drops, inhalers and nasal sprays

If the allergies are significant, check with your child’s pediatrician to see if a prescription allergy relief medication is needed.

Enjoy the season!

Spring and summer can be wonderful times for family fun. They can include trips to the zoo, museums, movie nights, board games and outdoor activities such as picnics, backyard barbeques, ball playing and water activities. While you’re taking steps to manage the allergies that come with warm weather, make sure your family follows safety guidelines for all activities as well. Keep an eye out for an article on water safety in our next newsletter.

Contributed by: Meghan Walker RN, BSN, CPN

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