Millbourne Community Clean-up Day: Embracing Diversity & Unity

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image-Millbourne-Cleanup-News-Item-780x439-3.jpg Employees from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) volunteered in the first annual Millbourne Community Clean-up Day, a partnership between CHOP’s new Services & Logistics Center (SLC) and the Millbourne Borough.

Special guests Mayor Mahabubul Tayub from the Millbourne Borough, along with CHOP leaders, Senior VP of External Affairs Peter Grollman and SLC Manager Matt Ryan, attended to kick off the July 15 event, welcoming volunteers and expressing gratitude for donating their time.

image-Millbourne-Cleanup-News-Item-780x439-4.jpg Employee volunteers dispersed all throughout the neighborhood to clean, repair and improve public spaces and replace rose bushes along Market Street. The SLC is the first CHOP facility in the Millbourne community, and CHOP looks to continue community service in the area with the Borough as a partner and valued resource. CHOP thanks all its employee volunteers for their dedication to improving the surrounding communities and for continuously strengthening our relationships with community partners. The hospital has a wide reach as a healthcare system, and our volunteers ensure the continued positive impact on the many communities where CHOP has locations. image-Millbourne-Cleanup-News-Item-780x439-2.jpg Take a look at our recently updated Better Together Report to learn other ways CHOP serves our community!

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